Actors Who Directed and Acted In Same Movie

Posted on 23 Jan 00:00


Cinema has offered opportunities to many actors to showcase their directorial talent and some of them have received high accolades from audiences and film critics. The following movies are a few examples of actors who directed and acted in the same movie.

1)  Argo (2013) – Ben Affleck

A historical drama about the events of the Iran hostage crisis. The screenplay of the movie is adapted from a U.S. CIA officer's book and it is directed by Ben Affleck who previously directed 'The Town' in 2010 which received an excellent response from critics and audiences. The cast includes Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez, Bryan Cranston as Jack O'Donnell, Alan Arkin as Lester Siegel, and John Goodman as John Chambers. The movie was a huge success at the box office and Ben Affleck was praised for both the films direction and his acting. It received numerous nominations at the Academy Awards and won the Best Picture, Best Film Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It also won two Golden Globe Awards, moreover, it won at Screen Actors Guild Awards, British Academy Film Awards, and Hochi Film Award. The story line of Argo is about Mendez (Affleck) disguised as a movie producer who goes to Tehran, Iran to shoot a sci-fiction movie but in reality, he is there to rescue six U.S diplomats. Tony Mendez is a U.S CIA exfiltration specialist who offers his services to execute the extraction of the diplomats with the help of his film producer and make-up artist friends. This is a film worth watching again.

2)  A Star Is Born (2018) – Bradley Cooper

This movie is a romantic-musical treat. It was much appreciated by its audiences and a huge success at the box office. It is produced and directed by Bradley Cooper and also co-written by him. This movie is a third remake of the original movie and after being kept for a long time in the development process, Cooper decided to pursue it. It received several nominations at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards winning the Best Original Song for “Shallow”. The cast includes Bradley Cooper as Jack Marine, Lady Gaga as Ally Marine, Sam Elliot as Bobby Marine, and Dave Chappelle as George. The plot of the movie is about Jack helping his wife to become a successful and famous singer.  He is an alcoholic and drug addict. Jack discovers Ally who is a struggling but talented artist, and he falls in love with her and they marry. However, Jack is suffering from personal demons and his addiction is damaging the relationship, but he is focused on one thing, making his wife a superstar. The movie is beautifully filmed and showcases an immense love between the two leads and their mutual support of each other.

3)  Dances With Wolves (1990) – Kevin Costner

This movie is considered to be one of the the reviving elements of the western genre in Hollywood.  It is directed and produced by Kevin Costner. It is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Micheal Blake. Other movies in which Kevin Costner acted and directed are The Postman, Waterworld, and Open Range. The release of 'Dances With Wolves' was much appreciated by audiences and the critics. It was a huge success and became the fourth highest-grossing movie of 1990. It was nominated for twelve categories at Academy Awards and seven of them and also won a Golden Globe Award. The cast included Kevin Costner as Lt. John, Mary McDonnell as Stands With A Fist, Graham Greene as Kicking Bird, and Rodney A. Grant as Wind in His Hair. The plot is about a civil war soldier who travels to the west and meets with the Dakota tribe and falls in their way of life, and decides to stay there. The Dances With Wolves name was given to Costner by the tribe when they witnessed him and wolf at play. Events take a negative turne when union soldiers arrive and Costner stands with the tribe to help them save their land. It is truly an epic film for the Ages.

4)  Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Clint Eastwood

This movie is filled with emotion and drama.  'Million Dollar Baby' is a sports-drama movie directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood and he also played one of the lead roles. Apart from this movie he directed and acted in other excellent movies Gran Torino (2008),  Unforgiven (1992) and Space Cowboys (2000). The movie received great appreciation from the critics and the audiences and won four Academy Awards. In the lead with Clint Eastwood as Frankie are Hilary Swank as Mary Margaret "Maggie" and Morgan Freeman as Eddie. The movie is narrated by Eddie who is a friend and employee of Frankie.  Frankie is an ex-boxer and trains amateurs for the big leagues. Maggie is a waitress but loves the sport of boxing and wants to pursue her career in it, but initially, Frankie refuses to train Maggie but gradually is impressed with her skill, determination, and hard work. He agrees to help her in her professional career. In a pro fight with a top-ranked British boxer, Maggie receives a 'cheap' which lands her in the hospital and is ultimately fatal. Frankie was in quest of regaining a relationship with his daughter but establishes a paternal relationship with Maggie and is devastated by Maggies suffering. The movie is a roller-coaster of emotions and displays, realistically, the journey of an athlete. 

5)  Braveheart  (1995) – Mel Gibson

Braveheart was an amazing addition to the film and cinema industry. It was inspired by a poem by Blind Harry and adapted by Randall Wallace. The movie was directed and co-produced by Mel Gibson. Before this movie, Mel Gibson acted and directed in The Man Without A Face and many other well known movies. The main characters include Mel Gibson (William Wallace), Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabella of France, Angus Macfadyen as Robert the Bruce, and Patrick McGoohan as King Edward "Longshanks". The character, William Wallace, is a Scottish rebel who fights and battles along with his clan/tribe against King Edward I of England with revenge in mind.

6)  That Thing That You Do! (1996) – Tom Hanks

It is a musical-comedy movie written and directed by Tom Hanks in his directorial debut he portrays the story of a musical band that becomes an overnight sensation and crashes almost as quickly. Other movies that were directed and acted by Tom Hanks is Larry Crowne (2001). The cast includes Tom Hanks as Mr. White, Tom Everett Scott as Guy Patterson, Johnathon Schaech as Jimmy Mattingly, Steve Zahn as Lenny Haise, and Ethan Embry as T.B. Player. The movie is about music band that was a one-hit wonder with onlyone song in the Top 10 of the music chart. The personal differences and fame destroyed the band and it broke even before recording its first album. 

7)  By The Sea (2015) - Angelina Jolie

It is a romantic drama featuring Angelina Jolie, she is also the director. The cast includes Angelina Jolie as Vanessa, Brad Pitt as Roland, Mélanie Laurent as Léa, and Niels Arestrup as Michel. It did not receive much appreciation at the box office. The story takes place in the 60s where Roland and Vanessa (Angelina Jolie) are married and are unhappy with their relationship. They are living in a hotel and in the neighboring room, there is a happy couple to whom they envy. Miscarriages have made Vanessa depressed and sad, and that is eroding her relationship with Roland but eventually, they through it and reconciled their bond.  


The opportunity of exploring directorial skills has enabled many actors to showcase their talent and manyof them have been praised for their efforts by critics and movie lovers.

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