Pros and Cons of Watching Movies at the Theatre vs. Home

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One of the best experiences is going to the movies. When most people think of a great place to hang out and spend time with friends and family, the first option that comes to their mind is to go to the movie theater. This is also amplified by the fact that movies, as well as music, have a high level of importance in the life of couples and family activities. In general, movies can be a great way to spend leisure time. This is especially true if there isn't much activity to take part in where you reside.

When it comes to watching movies, not everyone seems to agree that the theater is the best place to do it. There are people who claim that relaxing in the comfort of your home while watching movies actually provides a more improved option rather than visiting the cinema. While this post is not here to downplay the importance of theaters to its fans, we delve deeper to find out if it would actually be more fun and convenient watching movies at home or visiting a cinematic theater. Home technology has experienced a lot of innovation, and we now have large HD televisions, very fantastic sound gear, as well as home automation. With all of these available, would it really make any sense to seek out a cinematic experience in a public theater?

Check out some of these points  –

Sound & Picture

In a lot of homes today, you'll find HD television screens as well as fantastic surround sound which has completely redefined home cinema. This has put up a very good level of competition against conventional cinemas. Most TV screens are now so many inches wide but may not really compare to regular cinema screens. The surround sound that you find in cinemas has also sparked up complaints from persons who feel that the volume is always too high. This actually makes having higher control when you relax in your own home more appealing to some extent.

Total Control

One of the advantages of watching movies at home is the fact that you get total control as to how your experience is defined. Do you need a bathroom break, all you have to do is pause the film. Are there any distractions(?), you can simply turn up the volume. If you come across any plot that seems kind of complex, all you have to do is rewind in order to get a better grasp of it. These benefits are rarely accessible at the cinema where you have less control or no control at all. Added to the home cinematic experience is home automation, which enables you to control devices by making use of just one device.

Select the Right Audience

When you are in public, you simply have to share virtually everything with the public. There are times when you find yourself with people at the public theater who never stop talking, crunching snacks, taking out their smartphones and turning on the lights, and more. All of these are actually irritating and can limit your experience if you are someone who finds it hard to concentrate in the presence of even very little distractions. The cinema experience is fantastic, but little distractions can totally ruin your day. 

You Get the Gest Seat at Home

Almost everybody hates the cinema front row where you have to strain your neck for a better view. Constant straining is bad for your neck after a good three hours of viewing your favorite movie. None of these problems will ever come up when you sit at the comfort of your own home to watch movies. Simply dive into your sofa, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and watch all day long. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats watching your movie at home.

Savings Saving Savings

The cost of paying for tickets when you visit the theater continues to rise every year. From city-to-city, the cost never goes down. Think about how much you would spend if you decide to take your family and loved ones to spend some time at the cinema. When you compare this to going for movie rentals, viewing the movie on your own television, or doing video streams simply on iTunes and Netflix, your movie options are actually cheaper than the theater. The only thing that you have to consider as a slight disadvantage is that top-notch movies actually hit the cinemas first.

Family Time

If you are someone that loves to watch movies at home, especially with your family, you will attest to the fact that you get to bond better. You can also make a choice of what you wish to watch at any point in time. You can even pause a movie halfway and begin seeing a new one altogether. The family atmosphere will also help you to keep your focus on what is being watched as you get to feel even more secure. Asking questions and talking while the family is seeing a movie is also allowed and can help to give you better clarity to understand the plot of a movie.

Is Watching Movies at Home Really Worth It?

Watching movies in today’s society is a very good form of entertainment. You can spend time with your family friends and loved ones watching movies. A lot of families use movie times to bond with each other after having a hectic day. If you have the option of visiting the cinema to enjoy your favorite movie, this is not a bad idea. However, your home seems to provide you with a much more simplified experience and greater comfort where you have total control. There are also downsides to watching your movie at home as well. You might find in movie theaters some features that are lacking in your home. Cinemas, as well, also lack some features that are present in your home too.

While the cinema experience is very cool, the pros of watching your movie at home simply outshine that with very little downsides. You do not have to bother about being so aware of your environment or surrounding areas. You can actually scream and shout, and you are allowed to burst out in laughter as much as you like. There's also no need to whisper to send across a message. Also think about the risk that you get to deal with based on the possibility of paying for a ticket, actually getting to the movies, and being disappointed when the movie does not match up to its level of hype.


All of these reasons are simply proof that you may well be better off relaxing in the comfort of your home to watch your favorite movie. So instead of going to the theater to watch a movie, buy your favorite classic movies and have a nice time with your family, in the comfort of your home.

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