Gleaming the Cube (1989) Christian Slater

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Christian Slater is the skateboarding star, playing Brian Kelly, a sneering and laconic teen outcast. He feels left out and envious of his adopted Vietnamese brother Vinh's (Art Chudabala) success as an honor roll student and as the center of attention in his family. When Vinh commits suicide, Brian is suspicious and rolls away on his skateboard to find out what really happened -- and ultimately to avenge his murder. Brian's investigation is aided and abetted by a sardonic detective named Al Lucero (Steven Bauer), a collection of skateboard aficionados, and an attractive Vietnamese girl, Tina (Min Luong).

Starring:  Christian Slater, Steven Bauer 

Viewer Quote:  "It doesn't get any cooler than this! This is the best skate boarding movie ever. There are some really impressive scenes and the movie totally rocks...they don't make gems like this anymore. yep, they sure as hell don't!..."

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