Love With the Proper Stranger (1963) Natalie Wood

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Angie Rossini (Natalie Wood) is an innocent (Italian Catholic) Macy's salesgirl, who discovers she's pregnant from a fling with Rocky (Steve McQueen), a musician. Angie finds Rocky (who doesn't remember her at first) to tell him she's pregnant and needs a doctor for an abortion. He finds her a doctor and they work together to raise the money. Can these two strangers find love with one another before it's too late?

Viewer Quote:  "Steve McQueen is at his most charming - usually he is playing the hero of an action film, so its great to see him display tenderness. Wood and McQueen have such great chemistry, its a shame this was their only film together. I really like this film. It's exciting to watch these two wonderful talented actors working together. "Love With the Proper Stranger" is always a favorite and I'm irresistibly hooked on repeated viewing."

Excellent romance drama starring two of Hollywood greats, Natalie Woods and Steve McQueen on rare import Dvd. This is a must have Dvd for any fan of quality romance dramas.

This Dvd is formatted NTSC REGION 0 (playable worldwide).

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