The Promise (1979) Kathleen Quinlan, Stephen Collins

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Two college students, Nancy McAllister (Kathleen Quinlan) and Michael Hillyard (Stephen Collins), want to marry. But Hillyard comes from a wealthy family and his mother, Marion (Beatrice Straight), disapproves of their relationship. Then the couple are in a car accident that leaves Nancy disfigured and Michael in a coma. Marion offers to pay for Nancy's reconstructive surgery if she moves away and promises never to contact Michael. Nancy painfully agrees. Will their paths ever cross again?

Starring:  Stephen Collins, Kathleen Quinlan

Viewer Quote:  "No guns, not even a cell phone, just a good old fashioned movie which I enjoyed very much. What a beautiful theme song by Melissa Manchester (itself, worth the price of admission). Bring your hanky's."

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Format:  DVD

1h, 37m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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