A Case of Deadly Force (1986) Richard Crenna (A True Story)

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A fact-based story about a 1975 cover-up of a shooting by two white members of the Boston Tactical Unit. While on stakeout on a suspected getaway car used in a armed robbery, the two gunned down a black man who entered the car. The two claimed the man had a gun and they shot in self-defense. Police investigation decided it was a rightful shooting. The man's widow knew her husband would not be carrying a weapon and became determined to prove her husband's innocence. She hires a former cop who had become a lawyer to prove her case. Working with his four sons, the lawyer team takes on the police force in what eventually proved to be a landmark legal decision.

Starring:  Richard Crenna, John Shea, Lorraine Toussaint

Viewer Review:  "This film is a very gripping true story about corruption, justice and redemption.  Richard Crenna ('real life' father of MSNBC's 'The Last Word' host Lawrence O'Donnell Jr.) who takes on the Boston Police Force in a "wrongful death" suit, is superb! This is one great movie that receives a 10 in my voting."

1h, 35m

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