The Mark (1961) Rod, Steiger, Stuart Whitman

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In this dark drama, Jim Fuller (Stuart Whitman) is an ex-convict who was jailed on charges of child molestation. Aided by empathetic prison psychiatrist Dr. Edmund McNally (Rod Steiger), Fuller finds a job after his release and begins to rebuild his life. Though things begin to improve for him, and he starts a relationship with pretty secretary Ruth Leighton (Maria Schell), he finds that he can't shake his reputation when he becomes the suspect in another crime.

Starring:  Stuart Whitman, Rod Steiger, Maria Schell

Viewer Quote:  "This film's subject itself is quite mature and challenging, yet Whitman and a fine multinational cast create a revealing portrait of a provocative psychiatric study.  Whitman was nominated for an oscar for his role, and Rod Steiger is simply great, low-key -- a perfect psychiatrist, patient, friendly, supportive.  This is a lost film well worth seeing."

Format:  DVD

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