The Moonraker (1958)

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After the battle of Worcester at the end of the Civil War, the main aim of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth is to capture Charles Stuart. The future king's escape depends on the intrepid Earl of Dawlish, who as the Moonraker has already spirited away many Royalists. Dawlish travels to the Windwhistle Inn on the south coast to prepare the escape, where he meets Anne Wyndham, the fiancée of a top Roundhead colonel.

Starring:  George Baker, Sylvia Syms, Marius Goring

Viewer Quote:  "It is a real shame this film has received so little attention from fans and critics over the years. It is by far one of the most watchable, entertaining, and interesting swashbucklers made.The period and setting of the English Civil War is a much-underused one, the Moonraker serves up every aspect of this tortured period of England's history. The fantastic consumes, magnificent mansions, and dashing heroes, offset by the darker aspects of The Civil War: hatred, mistrust, and exile. The storyline of chase and escape though not complex, is rich enough to offer the viewer with everything a swashbuckler requires; revenge, hatred, honour, courage romance and of course swordplay!! The actual action itself is very well done, larger group battles contrasted with intense one-on-one action between our hero Lord Dawlish, (George Baker), and his nemesis the insidious Major Greg, (the late Peter Arne). Their duel in the darkened inn is probably one of the most atmospheric and well choreographed duels in any British film. A must for fans of buckle swashing or historical themed films, and highly recommended for everyone else."

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