The Outsider DVD (1961)

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This biopic tells the story of Ira Hayes (Tony Curtis), a Pima Native American who helped lift the American flag over Iwo Jima, Japan. After enlisting in the Marines, Hayes suffers prejudice among his fellow soldiers but finds a friend in Jim Sorenson (James Franciscus). Both are immortalized in the famous World War II photo, but Sorenson is killed shortly after it is taken. When he returns to America, Hayes is greeted as a hero but suffers from survivor's guilt that drives him to alcoholism.

Starring:  Tony Curtis, James Franciscus, Vivian Nathan

Viewer Quote:  "This movie "The Outsider" is a pleasant surprise from the moment it starts, until the very end of it. Tony Curtis is superb as "Ira Hayes"...a part I feel should have won him an Academy Award Nomination and/or an Oscar. This is a story of a simple and fundamentally good man, thrust into a big and dangerous world, shown without compromise, as well as a very real and tragic story about friendship, loss, war and even the dangers of celebrity.  This is not your average movie, frankly, it knocked me out."

Format:  DVD

1h, 48m

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