Song of the South Family DVD (1946)

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Plantation handyman Uncle Remus (James Baskett) entertains a lonely boy (Bobby Driscoll) with Brer Rabbit fables. Complete with cover and label artwork, in case and sealed as shown on our page.

Review: Customer Jeffrey L. says - Song of the South! Oh my God! This is hands down the best version (with extras) I have ever seen! Thank you. Would it be possible to order another copy,...? My mom would LOVE this! (05/2019)

RARE, UNCUT FAMILY CLASSIC! DISNEY'S SONG OF THE SOUTH!! The art of animation and live action are blended brilliantly to create 'SONG OF THE SOUTH'. This is the hard to find UNCUT version on DVD. English Language. ALL REGIONS (playable worldwide) 2.0 Stereo Audio. This DVD also has the Tar Baby scene, which was deleted in latter versions of this movie as well as many other extras. This DVD's picture and audio are EXCELLENT for this old cinematic treasure - brilliantly colored. This is the best print one can get of this classic which makes it even more enjoyable to watch with the whole family.

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Format: DVD, NTSC Region ALL

This DVD is playable worldwide.

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