1984 (1984) John Hurt

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The movie version of George Orwell's novel of a totalitarian future society in which a man who's daily work is rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love. The movie stars two of Hollywood's great actors, the late Richard Burton and John Hurt. This sci-fi thriller classic is Digitally Remastered and presented in WIDESCREEN format.

Viewer Quote:  "1984" is presented with amazing accuracy and detail in this version filmed during the very months of the author's vision. The casting, set design, and atmosphere are all right on the mark for how I envisioned them during reading the book. This film is dark and uncompromising, and follows many of the dialogs verbatim from the book."

Starring:  Richard Burton and John Hurt

Format:  DVD

1h, 53m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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