Atlantis: The Lost Continent DVD (1961)

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After Greek fisherman Demetrios (Anthony Hall) rescues Princess Antillia (Joyce Taylor) at sea, he returns her to her home country of Atlantis. Once there, he is enslaved due to the evil machinations of Zaren (John Dall). Using sorcery, Zaren has made the inhabitants of Atlantis into slaves for mining crystals, which will then be used for a death ray to take over the world. Demetrios finds an allay in Azor (Edward Platt), a high priest who helps fight back against Zaren. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Anthony Hall, Joyce Tayler Edward Platt

Viewer Review:  "This movie has every element you could ever want in a film: a sense of wonder, epic scope, amazing settings, campy and tongue-in-cheek aspects, strong and caring relations between the characters, fantastic details, wonderful musical score, flawless effects, a very attractive leading man, a very sexy leading lady, and a quite flamboyant villain, played by John Dall.  This is a thrilling masterpiece that you should see."

1h, 30m

Format: DVD

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