Body Count a.k.a. Camp Terror (1987)

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Some teenagers go camping at a campsite that was shut down years before, due to a murder that occurred there. The area used to be an old Indian burial ground and is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of an Indian shaman. One by one, the kids are killed off in gruesome ways by a hideous masked, knife-wielding slasher, whom they believe to be the Indian shaman returned to life.

Viewer Review:  "There are plenty of gory, vicious deaths (stabbings, axe to the face, throat impalements), a nice amount of nude women (and a naked fat guy), a creepy soundtrack and characters that I actually wanted to live. The cinematography is quite nice (the shots through the woods are especially excellent) and there are a bunch of famous horror veteran actors to fill the supporting cast.  This slasher it is d**n entertaining!"

1h, 27m

Format: DVD

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