Burn, Witch, Burn DVD (1962)

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A skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing magic for years. Like the learned, rational fellow he is, he forces her to destroy all her magical charms and protective devices, and stop that foolishness. He isn't put off by her insistence that his professional rivals are working magic against him, and her protections are necessary to his career and life. A cult horror classic.

Starring:  Peter Wyngard, Janet Blair

Viewer Quote:  "This has always been one of my favorite horror movies. A lot of its force--notwithstanding the good solid script and direction--is due to Peter Wyngarde's performance as the husband of the title witch. At first he shows skepticism, a disbelief so fervent and so confidently scornful of opposition that it persuades his wife, even in the face of the sinister atmosphere that's growing all around them. This is a great film...It's got some great visuals, partly due to the very dark black and white photography."

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Language:  English Dolby Digital 2.0

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