The Norliss Tapes (1973) Horror

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David Norliss (Roy Thinnes) is a reporter hard at work on a book that he hopes will debunk many supposedly supernatural and occult phenomena as hoaxes. In the process, he meets Ellen Cort (Angie Dickinson), a well-to-do widow who insists that her dead husband has come back to haunt her as a zombie. No one has believed her story, and David is no different until, after more investigation, he learns the horrible truth. Once a doubter, he decides to help Ellen prove her story is real.

Starring:  Roy Thinnes, Angie Dickinson

Viewer Review:  "YIKES! This is one of the greats! This movie is scary and superb acting makes this a true thriller. The music is eerie, the location is scary and all of the typical Dan Curtis tricky shock effects are in place. The curtain truly priceless! They don't make them like this anymore."

 Format: DVD

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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