8 Million Ways To Die (1986) Jeff Bridges, Andy Garcia

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Matt Scudder (Jeff Bridges) is a depressed and hard-drinking Los Angeles cop troubled by a shooting that occurred in the line of duty. After Matt meets Sunny (Alexandra Paul), a call girl involved with powerful drug lord Angel Moldonado (Andy Garcia), he decides that he wants to help her escape the shady underworld. However, Sunny is soon found dead, and Matt tries to win the trust of Angel and his girlfriend, Sarah (Rosanna Arquette), in order to take him down.

Starring:  Jeff Bridges, Andy Garcia, Rosanna Arquette, Alexandra Paul

Viewer Quote:  "Bridges gives a great performance and really seems to understand what an alcoholic acts like. has THE best hangover scene of any movie. Andy Garcia made his first impression as the bad guy. The cast is brilliant, this movie made me a Jeff Bridges fan. Alexandra Paul, Andy Garcia, and Randy Brooks are excellent. Oh! yes: this movie has an unforgettable soundtrack by James Newton-Howard, one of his earlier works (maybe his best!!). The soundtrack together with the opening scene showing the police car from the air is a masterpiece."

1h 55m

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