Andersonville (1996) Complete Mini Series

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The story of the most notorious Confederate prisoner of war camp in the American Civil War.

Starring:  Fredrick Forrest, Jarrod Emick, William H. Macy

Viewer Review:  "My opinion is that Andersonville is the best Civil War movie ever made, period, and I am a former Civil War reenactor. It is an intense drama. The historical subject matter makes this film all the more pertinent to society today. Man against Man, Brother against Brother. That is what the Civil War was, and Andersonville was its worst. Men treating other men like animals and game for sport. The utter despair. The terrible suffering. I was glued to the screen for the whole movie. It is heart wrenching when you realize that 15,000 prisoners actually died in this camp in the Civil War. I can't see this movie being topped in terms of a Civil War period piece. Hollywood is always bent on turning just about every period piece into some type of romance for the younger target audience. Andersonville is certainly a refreshing change of pace to that drill."

2h, 47m

Format: DVD

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