Brass Target DVD (1978)

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In 1945, General Patton sends Germany's confiscated gold reserves to Frankfurt, but the Army train is robbed by plotters who also hire a Swiss hitman to kill the General. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  John Cassavetes, Sophia Loren, Max Von Sydow, George Kennedy

Viewer Review:  "Intrigue, plot twists and a superb cast make this a first-rate thriller. It has a solid plot – with much conjecture and fiction built around and woven through the real details of Patton's last months. The script is very good for a cast that delivers. There's just enough intrigue to keep us guessing from one scene to the next, as culprits come to light one by one. But amidst this, the one big theme develops – with the hiring of a top assassin to eliminate Patton. There's much more to this, and part of the intrigue for the viewer is wondering what next step in the plan the assassin will lay out and expose to the audience. You will enjoy this film."

1h, 51m

Format: DVD

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