Cyborg Cop (1993)

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Jack (David Bradley) receives a distress call from his brother, Phillip (Todd Jensen), he's forced to travel to the island of St. Keith in the Caribbean. As a former agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Jack investigates and discovers that mad scientist Kessel (John Rhys-Davies) has been turning men into cyborgs and selling them as weapons on the black market. With his brother as one of the unfortunate victims, Jack must now stop Kessel and save the day.

Viewer Quote:  "I don't know what the hell Sam Firstenberg was smoking when he made it, but this film is crazy funny with lots of over the top action... if you haven't seen this movie, get it!"

This film follows in the tradition of 'Robocop'. 

Format:  DVD

The dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0 (playable on dvd players worldwide). 

1h, 36m

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