Darrow (1991) Kevin Spacey

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The life story of U.S. lawyer Clarence Darrow (Kevin Spacey) revolves around decades of famous trials in the early 1900s.

Starring:  Kevin Spacey, Bob Tracey, Erin Cressina Wilson

Viewer Quote:  "I cannot praise this film enough, Kevin Spacey is brilliant. I had never heard of Clarence Darrow. What a man, he was a Charles Dickens, he showed the courts how to be merciful. My husband and I were truly mesmerized , this film truly captures the era.  Watch this movie and you will appreciate what we today see as common laws. A movie like this will help us never forget the pain and suffering people like Mr. Darrow were willing to endure to offer future generations a better life. It is movie choices like this that have made me a Spacey Fan for life."

1h, 41m

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