Downpayment On Murder DVD (1987)

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Based On A True Story: Respected white-collar man Harry Cardell (Ben Gazzara) brutally abuses his wife, Karen (Connie Sellecca), for the better part of a decade, until she decides she can take it no more and leaves her treacherous spouse.  Unfortunately, it isn,t long before an enraged Harry enlists a deadly gangster to hunt Karen down. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Connie Sellecca, Ben Gazzara, David Morse

Viewer Review: "Ben Gazzara, plays Crazy Harry Cardell, and his acting far outshines everyone else in it. Harry goes completely wacko and loses it so bad that he seems to be in another plane or realm of existence during the entire time he,s on the screen. An excellent study of madness in the modern world. I have to say that it was is well worth the 90 or so minutes I spent watching it."

1h, 35m

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