Gambit (1966) Michael Caine

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Harry Dean (Michael Caine) has a plan to pull off a major robbery and needs Nicole (Shirley MacLaine) as a gambit and window dressing. He outlines his ideas about his perfect crime in a dream sequence and then meets Nicole, and nothing goes quite right again.
Viewer Quote:  "A brilliantly paced, gripping crime caper, the film has an interesting plot formula, and in general it is quite engaging stuff..."
Actors: Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Herbet Lom, Roger C. Carmel
Viewer Quote:  "This is a fun movie. It's very colorful with some beautiful settings and outfits (get the white dress MacLaine wears). The script is sharp and very funny."
Format: DVD, Digital Remastered
Language: English Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Region:  0 (playable worldwide)
Run Time: 109 min

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