I Ought To Be In Pictures (1982) Walter, Matthau Ann-Margret

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Headstrong 19-year-old Libby Tucker (Dinah Manoff) impulsively hitchhikes from her native New York City to Hollywood, Calif., to visit her long-estranged screenwriter father, Herbert (Walter Matthau). An aspiring actress, Libby expects Herbert to atone for running out on her when she was a baby by helping to make her a star. But it soon becomes clear that the underemployed Herbert and his hairdresser girlfriend, Steffy (Ann-Margret), are not in a position to advance anyone else's career.

Starring:  Walter Matthau, Dinah Manoff, Ann-Margret

Viewer Quote:  "What an outstanding and heart-tugging performance by DINAH. I never miss a rerun and go out of my way to see it. I can't believe she was not nominated for something. A perfect bit of acting by her and WALTER MATHAU. Ann Margaret has little to do, but she does it with superb subtlety. Just watch how well she listens and understands. What a great movie this is."

Trivia:  Incidentally, Dinah Manoff is the daughter of actress Lee Grant, who previously co-starred with Walter Matthau in Neil Simon's Plaza Suite -- which, like I Ought to be in Pictures, was directed by Herbert Ross.

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