Martians Go Home (1990)

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Song writer Mark Devereaux (Randy Quaid) accidentally calls millions of green Martians to invade Earth. No they aren't dangerous, just wise-cracking, intrusive, pain in neck, annoyances. No one can escape their distracting influence. It's up to Mark to figure out how they got here, and most importantly, how to get rid of them before they drive everyone crazy!

Starring:  Randy Quaid, Rob Schneider, Margaret Collin, Ronny Cox

Viewer Quote:  "Martians Go Home is one of my movie comedy staples. A must have for a serious comedy movie collection. Imagine what life would be like with omnipotent, green, sarcastic, amoral creatures popping in and out of your every day life without notice. The more often I watch Martians Go Home the funnier it gets. Yes, the martians are annoying...that's the point. The martians grow on you, infecting your cerebral cortex.  This moive hits the mark - all I wanted to do was laugh, and I did. "nuff said!"

Format:  DVD

1h, 29m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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