Operation Paratrooper a.k.a. Private War (1988)

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Sgt. Vince Rayner (Joe Dallesandro) is torturing his own troops because of his own guilt. After he kills a person, he chops off their finger; second victim - 2 fingers, third victim - 3 fingers. And so on. One of his comrades in arms (Martin Hewitt) is out to stop the madness... and is out to get the Sarge.

Starring:  Joe Dallesandro, Martin Hewitt, Beverly Beck

Viewer Quote:  "The action is well choreographed. Has a surprise ending, too. If you're in for a neat little action flick, whether these events could happen or not, I suggest ya check this sucker out."

1h, 35m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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