Scarecrows (1988)

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Criminals hijack a plane and force the pilot and his daughter to fly them to Mexico. However, an unexpected landing finds them in a cemetery inhabited by killer scarecrows.

Viewer Review:  "SCARECROWS is one of the best horror movies ever made!!  This is one of those movies that makes you really think than just say "Wow" that was creepy. Picture yourself as one of the people on the screen and ask yourself. "What would I do in that situation?" William Wesley you are a genius at horror! This movie kicks almost every other horror movie in the butt. The crooks land in a a creepy maze of a corn field that has an unusual amount of VERY CREEPY looking scarecrows and an almost equally scary looking shack of a house. Well, turns out that these scarecrows are alive and use humans as replacements for their wore out body parts! The killings are gruesome, the atmosphere and direction are incredible, and the scarecrows are among the most terrifying movie monsters in history!

1h, 23m

Format: DVD

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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