The Arrangement (1969) Kirk Douglas, Faye Dunaway

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A Madison Avenue adman (Kirk Douglas) with a wife (Deborah Kerr) and mistress (Faye Dunaway) goes off the deep end of his meaningless life.

Starring:  Kirk Douglas, Deborah Kerr, Faye Dunaway, Richard Boone

Viewer Review:  "Just saw this movie after more than 3 decades. All I could remember from the first time I saw this film at age 11 was the car crash. Anyhow, outstanding acting by all involved. However, the movie is stolen by the powerful and emotional performance of Faye Dunaway. Miss Dunaway is stunning, both physically and emotionally. She grits her teeth and gives one of her most intense and raw performances. The film however, has a sad and depressing flip to it; the American Dream turned into a nightmare. This film is outstanding!  I highly recommend it."

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