The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)

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As news spreads through Seville, Spain, that Don Juan (Douglas Fairbanks) is in town, husbands lock up their wives, unaware the famed lover is in poor health. Both Juan's private servant and his doctor urge him to settle down with his own wife, Dolores (Benita Hume), but he is determined to maintain his reputation. When an impostor posing as Juan is killed, he takes the opportunity to retire. However, after six months, a bored Juan wishes to return -- but finds no one believes his identity.

Starring:  Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Benita Hume, Bruce Winston, Melville Cooper

Viewer Review:  "For once a Don Juan comedy and with a vengeance - it's a delightful entertainment all the way sugared and spiced with witty ironies galore.This is magnificent entertainment of the 30s at its best, a feast for the eyes as well as for the intelligence, the script is a wonder of ingenious innovations, the dialogue outwits itself all the time sustaining the comedy vein at a high level with constantly new surprises, and the music isn't bad either. It's a clever and very funny movie, beautifully shot and well acted. Merle Oberon is especially entertaining as a dancer. This movie is a lot of fun and Douglas Fairbanks is at his best!"

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