The Statue (1971) David Niven, Robert Vaughn, Rare

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Bolt (David Niven), a British linguist, develops a universal language, so he's a sudden sensation and receives a Nobel prize. An ambitious diplomat, capitalizing on Bolt's celebrity, arranges for the U.S. to commission a statue for a London square to honor Bolt's achievement. Bolt's Italian wife, a renowned artist, sculpts an 18-foot nude of Bolt. In a pique, because he's neglected her for years to do his work, she gives the statue a spectacular phallus, telling Bolt that he wasn't its model. Thinking he's a cuckold, Bolt goes on a jealous search for a man matching the statue. The diplomat, too, wants changes in the statue to protect his conservative image.

Starring:  David Niven, Robert Vaughn, Virna Lisi, John Cleese

Viewer Quote:  "David Niven is brilliant and this film is hilarious! I can't think of any role he didn't nail and this is one of his best. I recommend this film for fans of Niven, Cleese, Robert Vaughn, and rare lost films."

1h, 24m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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