Things To Come DVD (1936)

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It's Christmas 1940, and Everytown resident John Cabal (Raymond Massey) fears that war is imminent. When it breaks out, the war lasts 30 years, destroying the city and ushering in a new dark age of plagues and petty despots. But there is hope in the form of Wings Over the World, a group of pacifist scientists and thinkers lead by Cabal. Their dream is to build a Utopian society on the ruins of the old. But first they'll have to unseat the latest ruling tyrant (Ralph Richardson).

Starring:  Raymond Massey, Ralph Richardson

Viewer Review:  "Things to come" along with "Metropolis" is the must have for any Sci-Fi buff, from the futuristic mind of H.G. Wells. For its time, the special effects are absolutely incredible--using matte paintings, models and huge casts to create amazing scenes of both a post-apocalyptic world and a vast city of tomorrow. Things To Come is a hugely imaginative piece of science fiction. Highly recommended"

1h, 32m

Format: DVD

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