Trapeze DVD (1956)

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Tino Orsini (Tony Curtis) has learned the trapeze from his father but he travels to Europe to seek out Mike Ribble (Burt Lancaster), one of the few men who has managed to complete a triple somersault. Ribble no longer works the trapeze and now walks with a cane after a nasty fall left him a cripple. Orsini convinces him to act as his catcher and all is well until the gold digging Lola (Gina Lollobrigida), who'll do just about anything to become part of a major circus act, arrives on the scene. Her presence creates friction between the two men and puts in doubt whether Tino will ever accomplish the elusive triple. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page. 

Starring:  Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollbrigida

Viewer Quote:  "What can we say about the big guy? He did his own stunts and this little film with Tony Curtis and the lovely Ms. Lollobrigida, along with vet character actor Tom Gomez, delivers. Lots of fun. Lots of stunts. A reminder of a long gone era when movies had something to say. Don't miss this one."

Format:  DVD

The DVD is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide).

1h 45m

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