Wrong Box (1966) Michael Caine, Dudly Moore Comedy

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A tontine (much like a life insurance policy/money) is established for a dozen children, with compounding interest and the last survivor is to get the lot. We watch the group dwindle until only two brothers are left. One brother is watched by his nephews (Dudley Moore and Peter Cook) who will keep him alive at all costs, the other lives in ill health and poverty (Michael Caine) as the only support of his fairly stupid grandson (Peter Sellers). Statues and bodies are switched, in the wrong boxes until everyone is sure someone has died. Now if they can only make it seem as if the other brother died first, hundreds of thousands of pounds (in Victorian England when a pound was a pound) will be theirs.

Starring:  Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Michael Caine, Peter Sellers, Ralph Richardson

Viewer Quote:  "The story in spite of its endless comical complications never once becomes too confusing (except of course to Tony Hancock's hapless inspector); and that the story is interpreted by some of the most memorable and talented actors of two generations. The (then) old guard is worthily represented by Ralph Richardson as the deliciously exasperating Joseph Finsbury, John Mills as the cranky and cantankerous Masterman, and especially Wilfrid Lawson's unforgettable doddering yet stalwart butler THE WRONG BOX is an absolute must-see for serious students of comedy. Enjoy it!"

The dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0 (playable worldwide)

1h 45m

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