DVD's and DVD Maintenance Tips

Posted on 2 Jul 17:42


From time to time we all experience problems with our DVD's and DVD players, and many of them have very simple fixes, and are preventable. When a DVD won't play, often, simple cleaning the DVD will fix the problem. In fact, the most important method to prevent problems is regular maintenance ranging from simple cleaning to more detailed maintenance of your hardware, DVD player.

The easiest and most effective way to keep your DVD's and DVD players working efficiently is to keep dust and fingerprints off of the them, and proper storage. Occasionally dusting out your DVD tray with a microfiber cloth or CD-ROM wipe is a good practice (use a dry cloth for minimal cleaning needs, and a damp cloth for tougher cleaning - we recommend that you use an easy and effective homemade mixture consisting of one part water, and one part Isopropyl rubbing alcohol). Handling your DVD's gently by the corners to avoid touching the DVD's surface is very important to avoid transferring dirt and oil to your DVD.

Also, it is important to store your DVD's in a protective case or sleeve to keep them clean and to prevent scratches. Sometimes, your DVD's will incur scratches, even when taking proper care of them (most of us have accidentally fumbled and dropped a few DVD's in our time). Luckily, there are also many easy methods for repairing minor scratches on DVD's, some of which are addressed in a recommended article - link provided below. The proper care of your DVD discs and players will extend their life span for years to come. Here are some more very helpful and more in-depth tips for maintaining your DVD's and DVD player. Fixing a scratched DVD. Tips to take care of your DVD's and DVD players . 

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