About Our Products

We sell rare movie titles that are not commercially available, never released on DVD in the U.S. and out of print on DVD that are longer available through retailers. Most of the films available on this site have fallen into the public domain and do not infringe on any intellectual property rights. All of our titles are encoded Region 0, suitable and playable worldwide. We acquire all our rare titles directly from our inside studio contacts within the film industry archives and occasionally from major private film collectors here and abroad. Our Movies are Manufactured By Demand (MOD), and our movie search service is intended for serious movie collectors who are in search of rare movie titles that have never had a DVD released or out-of-print DVD released titles that cannot be found through retailers anymore. Unless otherwise noted our DVDs are DVD-R, and do not have subtitles nor do they have Closed-Captions. All of our titles come complete with keep case, and complete artwork on the DVD label.


Important: All of our titles are provided directly from our inside studio contacts, and/or in the public domain, and have been manufactured from the best-quality master print currently available at the studio archives and have not been remastered or restored for our DVD titles (unless indicated in the listing that it is from a digital remastered source). Our DVDs are not intended to be compared to standards of today's video processing technology that commercial DVDs are produced with today, but solely intended for the purpose of bringing pleasure to our clients that are just happy to watch a movie that brings back great memories. The audio and video quality of our DVD titles rates from Good to Excellent (higher quality than VHS tapes), depending how old the title is, and how well the master print has been preserved at the studio archives. Most titles sold are from a DVD source with excellent picture quality. Some titles are only available with a VHS or Broadcast level transfer, as that is presently all that is available. Please understand that today's Hi Definition TV sets show more the flaws of VHS level transfers than older TV sets. We sell the best available transfers for these movies but some titles are only available with a VHS to DVD transfer.

Important: First time buyers and international buyers, please note that all sales are final. In case of a defective, damaged or lost in the mail DVD we will replace it with a DVD of the same title. Thank you.