Why We Still Love DVDs

Posted on 2 Jul 17:21


An important thing for movie fans is the feeling of ownership of your favorite DVD.   Hard drives fail. But those trusty plastic discs are always there hanging out in your living room to comfort you, reminding you that this movie or TV show really is yours to keep and re-watch endlessly.  Everybody loves a good movie, and nothing beats watching your favorite flick whenever you want.   This explains why we still love DVDs.   It is exciting getting a package in the mail and finding your favorite movie adorned with artwork that you can proudly show off on your shelf. It is when you buy a DVD that has new artwork, uncut footage, commentaries from the filmmakers, interviews with the actors and all sorts of other goodies, it feels like you're seeing it for the first time all over again --you've acquired a movie you've loved for ages or are seeing for the very first time!

You'll never have to worry about when a movie might disappear from your favorite streaming service when you can hold it in your hand like a little treasure.  It is pure joy when I hear customers tell me that they are looking forward to sharing their favorite movie with their children, grandchildren and friends.  It warms my heart because I can feel in those moments, they are reliving joyful memories from days past, and they are happy, and I'm humbled and grateful for their sharing.

People collect lots of things.   Many people collect movies (including myself) - the artwork, extras all obtain value years later when you take your movie out of your collection and admire its beauty and think upon the great memories you had watching it 

DVD's are here to stay, and we are all the better for it.

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