Highway To Hell (1991) Horror

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On their way to elope in Las Vegas, teenager Charlie Sykes (Chad Lowe) and his bride-to-be, Rachel Clark (Kristy Swanson), make a wrong turn that brings them face to face with Sgt. Bedlam (C.J. Graham), an undead demon who abducts Rachel and disappears. Then Charlie meets Beezle (Patrick Bergin), a demonic technician who informs him that to free his fiancée he must defeat a hellish highway patrolman in a no-rules road race in which losing means death -- followed by eternal damnation.

Starring:  Chad Lowe, Kristry Swanson

Viewer Review:  "Watch out for this one! It starts out as a slight horror comedy, gets increasingly more bizarre as it goes along, and finally adds up to something almost visionary. Certainly one of the most original and offbeat horror films to come out in a long time, this one almost demands a second viewing just to appreciate the imaginative production design, and a third just to catch all the throwaway gags (a sign reads "Road To Nowhere" and, in smaller letters, "Don't Buckle Up. It Won't Help"). Good cast, too, with Patric Bergin being perfectly enigmatic in the first half, perfectly imposing in the second. How refreshing to finally find a film that breaks away from the traditional formulas and dares to do something new and different!The special effects and the music score are very good and I really recommend this movie for fans of offbeat and funny original adventure films."

1h, 34m

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