The Seven Per Cent Solution DVD (1976)

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Concerned about his friend's cocaine use, Dr. Watson (Robert Duvall) tricks Sherlock Holmes (Nicol Williamson) into travelling to Vienna, where Holmes enters the care of Sigmund Freud. Freud attempts to solve the mysteries of Holmes' subconscious, while Holmes devotes himself to solving a mystery involving the kidnapping of Lola Deveraux.  This an out-of-print and hard-to-find movie version about the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown. 

Starring: Robert Duvall, Nicol Williamson (Merlin in the 1981 film 'Excalibur') and Alan Arkin.

Viewer Quote:  "Sherlock Holmes falls into a deep pit of self-pity and paranoia through his repeated and continued use of a seven percent solution of cocaine. His faithful Watson and brother Mycroft concoct a scheme for him to go to Austria to meet Sigmund Freud, who can help him with his drug addiction. This is a brilliant film. A lot of fun, and very well done.  Perfect tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

Format:  DVD

The DVD is encoded NTSC Region 0 (playable on dvd players worldwide). Remastered!

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