Midnight Story (1957) Tony Curtis Classic

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A San Francisco policeman (Tony Curtis) turns in his badge and moves in with a suspect (Gilbert Roland) in order to solve the murder of a priest.
Starring:  Tony Curtis, Gilbert Roland, Marisa Pavan
Viewer Quote:  "This is a gripping psychological crime drama in which Curtis gives an usually deep performance, and  Roland is magnificent as the Italian patriarch whose family Curtis invades. The painstaking attention that the film gives the Italian neighborhood and its collective perspectives pays handsome dividends. I watched this movie several times and have come to the following conclusion - that it is a 1950's gem! I cannot speak more highly of it. Plot and acting are very impressive and it is filmed in Black and White which serves to increase the 1950's atmosphere.  This film is certainly worth a watch!"
Format:  DVD
1h, 29m
This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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