Sammy Going South DVD (1963)

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An orphan (Fergus McClelland) leaves Egypt with a toy compass to find his aunt in Durban, South Africa, about 5,000 miles south. Also called 'A Boy Ten Feet Tall'.

Starring:  Fergus McClelland, Edward G. Robinson

Viewer Quote:  "I saw this movie by myself as a young boy - and for years I thought I had dreamed the whole thing. As an adult (an psychologist) years later I realized how the movie impacted me and touched something deep in myself about how a boy who has lost everything - must make a long journey 'south' (symbolic of the unknown - unconscious - what better metaphor than traversing Africa) to find himself and the man who is living inside of him.  This is a children's picture filled with delights, especially the lovely location cinematography; the inspired casting of Edward G. Robinson as a wily soldier of fortune; and the engaging Fergus McClelland as the boy, Sammy, whose own innocence somehow mirrors an Africa which, even in 1956 (or 1963), was already quickly passing away. A fantastic film!"

1h, 58m

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