Avenging Force DVD (1986)

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A retired secret service agent (Michael Dudikoff) runs up against a sinister right-wing political organization called the Pentangle. He comes to the aid of his best friend Steve James, a black political candidate who has become a target for the Pentangle's henchmen. Impressed by Dudikoff's martial arts skills, the Pentangle leaders try to convince him to join their cause-and to ensure his cooperation, they kidnap his little sister Alison Gereighty. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Viewer Quote: "I have seen many of Dudikoff's films. This one is still the one I consider the best. If you like action movies that actually contain a plot, give this one a try."

Format: DVD

This dvd is encoded NTSC REGION ALL (playable on dvd players worldwide).

1h, 44m

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