Hanna's War (1988) Ellen Burstyn, Donald Pleasance

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Based on a true story: During WW2 Hanna Szenes, a Hungarian Jew living in British Palestine, volunteers to go behind enemy lines to rescue Jews from deportation to death camps.

Starring:  Ellen Burstyn, Donald Pleasance, Maruschka Demeters

Viewer Quote:  "It sounds a bit awkward to call a film about war and holocaust shocking since many of us will know only too well of the horrors that war and violence brings. By using the adjective 'shocking' I do not intend to imply that I am surprised about the things told about in this film or that I was formerly unaware of them, it is just that I am very much impressed by the way in which this film shows how crazy and incomprehensibly horrific it is to kill each other off, either with or without a 'reason'.  I found myself in tears, and even more tears when I realized this is a true story.  The ending is nothing short of phenomenal.  Watch it."

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2h, 28m

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