A Dangerous Woman DVD (1993)

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Martha Horgan (Debra Winger) is a withdrawn, mentally disabled woman who lives with her aunt, Frances (Barbara Hershey). One of Martha's unusual traits is that she doesn't lie, a quality that leads to her getting fired from a dry-cleaning shop thanks to the actions of the shifty Getso (David Strathairn). Conflict seems to follow Martha, since she also becomes romantically involved with local fix-it man, Mackey (Gabriel Byrne), who is sleeping with Frances as well. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Debra Winger, Barbara Hershey, Gabriel Byrne, David Strathairn

Viewer Review:  "This is an engrossing tale from the beginning. Martha is a complex character that in Debra Winger's interpretation shows she is a woman that has been dealt a bad hand by life. Yet, Martha is able to function by herself without any supervision. This confused woman will win your heart. The rest of the cast is also excellent. Definitely worth seeing."

1h, 42m

Format: DVD

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