A.P.E.X. (1994) Horror Sci-fi Classic

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A time-travel experiment in which a robot probe is sent from the year 2073 to the year 1973 goes terribly wrong thrusting one of the project scientists, a man named Nicholas Sinclair (Richard Keats) into a plague ravaged alternate time-line whose war weary inhabitants are locked in a constant battle with killer robots which are automatically being sent there from Sinclair's lab. To escape this situation, Sinclair must find a similar time machine in this alternate world and prevent the disaster from ever happening.

Viewer Quote:  "I really like the premise of this film; time travel; time continuum violation; a scientist trapped in a violent world....I really enjoy it every time I watch it."

This very entertaining sci-fi movie that follows in the tradition of 'The Terminator'.

The dvd is encoded NTSC Region ALL (PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE).

1h, 38m

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