A Sinful Life (1989)

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A boozing floozy (Anita Morris) uses a janitor (Rick Overton) and a credit manager (Dennis Christopher) in a scheme to keep custody of her oddball daughter.

Starring:  Anita Morris, Rick Overton, Dennis Christopher, Blair Tefkin

Viewer Review:  "If you loved Anita Morris in "Ruthless People", then "A Sinful Life" is a must see. She again plays a "Southern belle" surrounded by doofus men much like Bill Pullman's character in "Ruthless People". Morris's explanation of how her imbecilic daughter, "Baby", was conceived from an earthquake in a sperm bank is worth the price of admission alone. If you like "trailer trash" movies such as "Hold Me. Thrill Me, Kiss Me", or "Poor White Trash" (2001), then "A Sinful Life" is for you. It's very John Waters, yes... but these people can act!  Check this one out...highly recommended."

1h, 30m

Format: DVD

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