A Tree Grows in Brooklyn DVD (1945)

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This adaptation of the classic novel tells the story of young Francie Nolan (Peggy Ann Garner) who yearns for life beyond her Brooklyn apartment building. While her daily routine is difficult, she makes the best of her situation, living with her hard-working mother (Dorothy McGuire), alcoholic father (James Dunn) and tough little brother (Ted Donaldson). Encouraged by her kind but irresponsible dad, Francie struggles to keep her hopes up and persevere despite all the odds against her. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring:   Dorothy Mcguire, Peggy Ann Garner, James Dunn, Ted Donaldson, Joan Blondell

Viewer Quote:  "Everyone needs to view this 1945 near-masterpiece. You can't help but to gain an appreciation for brilliant film-making. I assure you, you will lose yourself completely in the story of the Nolan family, a humble, impoverished Irish-American family holding on by mere threads in 1900 New York. So much heart has gone into this emotional piece of Americana –- notably its flawless attention to detail and its ultra-sensitive, Oscar-nominated screenplay -- that it deserves equal attention. Superb in every aspect."

Format:  DVD

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