All American Murder DVD (1991)

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An offbeat detective (Christopher Walken) looks into campus mayhem blamed on a judge's son (Charlie Schlatter) who has a history of pyromania. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Christopher Walken, Charle Schlatter, Josie Bissett

Viewer Review: "All-American Murder is quite entertaining. It manages to be dark without being suffocated, and sinister without being nasty. As I first watched this, the questions started. Who hated the kid enough to frame him? How did all the blackmail, adultery, and depravity occur at a "good" college? There are some pretty GRUESOME deaths. The motivation of the killer actually makes sense, in a twisted way. Too many films like this seem to have someone kill for the thrill of it, and since this one doesn't, I give it serious applause. Also, the protagonist actually has some heart, always a plus. See this if you want a good, modern whodunit with a eighties- early nineties feel. Definitely worth a watch or two!"

1h, 34m

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