Ambition (1991)

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Mitchell Osgood dreams of being a famous writer, but the book he has written constantly is rejected by the editors. When the psychopathic killer Albert Merrik is released from prison after 15 years, Osgood believes that writing down the history of his crimes could be his breakthrough. Although he refuses to talk to him at first, Osgood follows him around and offers him a job in his book shop. To get the right impressions for his book, he feels that he has to experience Merrik psychopathic again.

Starring:  Lou Diamond Phillips, Clancy Brown, Cecilia Peck

Viewer Review:  "If you think you've figured out which way Ambition is headed for a conclusion you are wrong. The screenplay that Lou Diamond Phillips fashioned here is quite original and will startle you with its conclusion. I love the fact that the plot is so convoluted that you have NO idea where it's going; I've see probably a billion movies, and can predict the outcome in most of them in the first 15 minutes. I appreciate a writer who can be original, and keep me on my toes. Rent it - judge for your self!"

1h, 40m

Format: DVD

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