American Hot Wax DVD (1978)

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This lively musical comedy pays tribute to the birth of Rock & Roll in the late 1950s and the instrumental role played by disc jockey Alan Freed who helped bring the new sound into vogue. Much of the story centers on the daring deejay's attempts to put on the very first live rock & roll stage show at the Paramount Theatre in Brooklyn.To do this he must overcome the protests of concerned and angry parents, conservatives, and local police. Several performers of the era appear in the film including Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown

Starring: Jay Leno, Tim McIntire, Fran Drescher, Lorraine Newman, and many more...

Viewer Quote: "Mcintire in the best performance of his career gives it all he's got as Alan Freed and comes acrossas good as Freed ever was on the silver screen in a number of films that he stared in. It is a great movie about a great time not only in America, but music. This is the 'big bang' of rock n'roll. While a lot of movies have tried to show what the early rock'n'roll era was like -- American Hot Wax is the only movie that showed us what it FELT like. Watch this movie and let the good times roll!" 

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