Barfly (1987) Mickey Rourke

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Down-and-out writer Henry Chinaski (Mickey Rourke) spends his nights drinking and picking brawls at a dingy Los Angeles watering hole. One night Henry spies a kindred spirit in pretty barfly Wanda (Faye Dunaway) and, despite warning signs that she may be unfaithful, shacks up with the woman. When Henry's fears are confirmed by Wanda's infidelity with bartender Eddie (Frank Stallone), he begins an affair of his own with wealthy publisher Tully Sorenson (Alice Krige).
Viewer Quote:  "The absolute best aspect of the movie is Rourke's performance.  Rourke is unrecognizable - like Billy Bob Thornton in "Sling Blade," his entire demeanor and physicality seems to change.
I highly recommend "Barfly" - it's funny, dark, witty, touching and downright enjoyable. One of the best films of the '80s.
Very rare out-of-print drama starring Mickey Rourke. A must-have for movie lovers who like a good well acted drama or fans of Mickey Rourke.


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