Bear Island DVD (1979)

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A group of people converge on a barren Arctic island. They have their reasons for being there but when a series of mysterious accidents and murders take place, a whole lot of darker motives become apparent. Could the fortune in buried Nazi gold be the key to the mystery? Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave investigate.

Starring:  Donald Sutherland, Vanessa Redgrave, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee

Viewer Quote:  "The film has a lot going for it. The actors and acting are brilliant, how did they get so many stars in one film?   The action sequences are spectacular (I have never seen a longer cliff fall than the one in this film). And of course the story is excellent."

Format:  DVD

This DVD is playable worldwide (Region 0).

1h, 58m

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